Your jewels are a precious commodity and we take great care in the jewelry clinic located in the OroMecanica headquarters. The repairs are carried out by our jewelry experts to use their experience in restoring all your jewels. To benefit from the after-sales service, the voucher is obligatory.

A lifetime guarantee is offered for all your jewels, and it concerns the following:


Your jewelry needs to be cleaned regularly. Our jewelry experts will clean them to remove impurities and restore their spark.


The jewels can be rhodium plated to accentuate their color and shine. When Re-polished and re-rhodium-ed, the jewels find all their shine.


It is possible to enlarge or reduce the size of your jewelry, without altering the aesthetics or shape.


A defective or broken cord? A lost or fallen stone that should be replaced? The renovation service takes care of your bracelets to turn them into their original state.

*The changing of the cord is a paid service.


This service allows you to personalize your jewel by engraving a name, date or phrase (depending on available space) which is available in a variety of fonts and characters.


This service can give your jewel a glow close to the original one.