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The most sought after design and the most coveted gems guide the work of artisans and master goldsmiths.

Inspired by a precious stone, an image, a journey, or a dream, each piece is a reflection of the expertise of Rafinity. Worked with meticulousness and delicacy by demanding artisans, the jewels reveal rounded curves, smooth-edged, softened, and illuminated by the purity of diamonds and the particular brilliance of precious stones and gold.

The jewelry style Rafinity masterfully sublimates the luminous magic of jewels which are equally magical and breathtaking.

Sparkling jewels

Diamonds, sapphire, emerald, rubies or precious pearls reinterpret and reinvent fabulous unique pieces.

The purity, size and color of the diamonds are also at the heart of the attention of Rafinity master artisans. The size and setting of precious stones, the result of a meticulous search, then comes to glorify the color of the gems.

Finally, the accuracy of the proportions and the judicious choice of precious stones sign true masterpieces of unparalleled purity.

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