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Jewelry for eternity

Traditional jewelry Rafinity Morcco

For almost 50 years, Rafinity has celebrated the traditional jewel in its entire splendor, bringing to the world Authentic Moroccan jewels.

The beauty of traditional jewelry lies in the originality of the design, the color of the stones used and the Moroccan identity that they carry in every detail. This is the case of cuffs, bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings or m’dama.

Thanks to the reminiscent of a magnificence recreated craft, these iconic jewels combine, for eternity, originality to finesse and authenticity to modernity.

Inspirations and legacy

The delicate embroidery, beautifully crafted and stylized, makes each jewel bears the imprint of a perfect mastery of ancestral gestures. The jewelers of Rafinity are constantly reinventing and magnifying the traditional jewel, drawing their inspiration from our rich heritage.

Rosette, ruby ​​or emerald eloquently illustrate the refined traditional style, developed with panache but always faithful to the ancestral heritage.

Traditions and enchantments inspire creative work where dream, beauty and poetry are the essence of the finished work.

Traditional jewelry Rafinity Morcco